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Saturday, January 22, 2011

NO newlywed bliss?

Ok - this is it....
I"m through with the background information
tonight I'm just gonna settle for a good ol' breakdown....

Tonight I'm just gonna get down and dirty...

My husband left last Sunday - one week ago - for a work trip.
He will be gone for 3 straight weeks.  (so still 2 weeks to go)

Wanna guess when the last time we had sex was?

The Saturday A WEEK BEFORE the Sunday he left....
so all week and weekend before he left... NO SEX.
yes - that's right.
didn't feel the need to make love to his wife before he left.
not the night before, not the morning he was leaving.
and it's not just that we didn't have sex
Maybe a kiss goodnight - but no real good make outs either.  NOTHING.

I just don't understand?????

This week was our 5 month anniversary since the wedding.
5 months.

and it's over?


Help me out someone........
is this normal?????/
because I'm struggling with feeling anything anymore.

And it's not like this is a new thing....
we didn't JUST stop having sex.
I feel like the day we got married, I suddenly became less attractive.  not hot anymore.  No longer desirable?

Am I crazy here?
Cause I'm FREAKING out and I just need to know if this is normal or not?

I just don't understand.

How can a man, in his RIGHT mind, be married to someone who WANTS to have sex.... NOT WANNA HAVE SEX????????  hardly EVER?????!!!!!!!!


  1. oh hunny, you are not alone. I've struggled with this over & over ... & over. When I try to talk (ok, confront my guy) he's like it's not what is important. ummm WTF!!!! BUT there isn't any cuddling or tender moments either.
    It's like there is a switch in guys that once they get the girl the good stuff stops.
    hang in there girlie!

  2. OH Let's not even start on this. I just had a HUGE blowup with my husband about what I would like for him to do with me and basically got told HE can't do that!!WTF?? Seriously??

  3. I hope it's not normal. I'm only a month ahead of you on the whole newlywed thing.

    Leaving sex out of the discussion, I hug my wife and kiss her good-bye every morning when I leave, and every evening when I return. Heck, I will just hug her in line at the grocery store. Or get up from my computer, walk across the room, kiss her, and walk back to what I was doing.

    And even in the morning when the alarm goes off, we ignore it for half an hour just to snuggle. I have said aloud durring that time, "Are all newlyweds like this? I hope so." It appears not.

  4. Do you initiate, or do you always wait for him? But... If you always had to initiate it, it could make you feel bad.

    I understand how you feel, though.

    Have you talked to him about this?? If your not happy, tell him!