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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing .... ME!

for those of you who have not met me...
I have another blog... Every Day in Gray
and I DO love blogging... and my other blog....
problem is (as often happens here)
My other blog attracted people I know...  friends, family etc.
and although I LOVE them all to death - sometimes I feel the need to vent about my life WITHOUT having to FACE my life!
Does that make sense?

So here I am....
a year after starting my other blog.... starting ANOTHER BLOG
who would have thought?!!

but truth is - I NEEEEED you guys.
I need to vent
I need to listen
I want to help others
and I NEEEED advice from others sometimes

but with my husband reading my other blog... it makes it hard to be COMPLETELY honest about life and how I'm feeling sometimes...
here I am
hoping to get back in touch with all those following my OTHER blog... and hoping to pick up some new followers.
who I NEED and who NEED me too!

I'm Tammy
I left my full time job (of 7 years) 5 months ago
I started school full time (sonography) 4 months ago
I got MARRIED (for the first time) 4 months ago
I have a teenage son and it's been JUST me and him for 15 years
I am now a step mom to 2 girls (8 & 11)
My husband HAS been married before

My story in a nutshell.

Please come visit and follow and then come back again and again for the REAL story of me...
trying to find SOME kind of balance in my life.


  1. Happy to see you ;)

    I have thought about starting another blog too for the very same reasons!!

  2. Hey Tammi I totally get why you did it .. thankfully most of my family is not following my blog, they don't even know it's name. I am good there.

  3. I've been sensing a bit of holding back from you recently. Let it loose, girl!

  4. You will love having this space to vent. :)

  5. I understand! That is why my family, except my sister, does not know about my blog. Only a couple friends know, but they don't get into this stuff, so they don't read it. Which is fine with me cuz I wish I never told them. Are you going private with this one?

  6. hey girlie, I am here!! I am honored you invited me over and can not wait to be your sounding board!!!

    I have toyed with the idea, even set up a private blog 6 mo ago. BUT I have allowed my husband to kill my desire to have the outlet. BOO


  7. Scope - your VERY right - thus the new venting site! ha ha